What do our employees say about working for Corcoran Management Co.?

If you’re looking for a company that values and operates by their mission statement, Corcoran Management is just that. From the professional training you will receive to the everlasting connections you establish make working for CMC so fun & exciting! As an employee I truly value working for a company that runs their daily operation by small family owned practices. Whether you are working on site at a property, employee at our corporate office, or member of our Senior Management team, you will never be recognized as a number, but acknowledged and respected by your name. With the short time I’ve been an employee with CMC I can’t imagine seeing myself anywhere else!

 DARION COOPER Assistant Digital Marketing ManagerRedbrook Apartments


"Working for Corcoran makes me feel like I am a part of a family. It is one thing for it to be family owned, but to make your employees feel a part of that family is huge. It is amazing to have coworkers who care so much and always want the best for you. I have always felt a sense of security.

I truly love the relationships I have built with residents over the years. I have built a form of trust with them, which makes their living experience that much easier. Most people I have rented to have given me a hug (pre-COVID of course)."

GLORIA COOPER Assistant Property Manager, Faxon Commons


I have been employed with Corcoran Management for over thirteen years. Each day is a learning experience and never think you know it all. We all have talent and working together as a team we can learn from each other. The company has a lot to offer its employees through the ever-expanding portfolio. This gives every employee a chance to bring their skills and knowledge to advance to a new position. So, the three basics are hard work, patience and motivation and the rewards of having a job with Corcoran will follow.

MANNY COSTA Maintenance Manager, Station Row

“I started with the Corcoran maintenance department in 2014. I have been given a great education about the trades that associate with our work in electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Procedures in the field are always changing, so there are new products and tools to work with. It is a great feeling knowing what your job can give to you and in return, what you can give back to your job. The senior maintenance team continually shows us tips from their years of experience.

Corcoran Management sponsored my EPA certification and we often attend trainings and seminars. This has led me to meeting more technicians within our company and in companies that we can do business with. 

Our corporate office is great at making sure we are getting the most from our health insurance and other benefits.

MIKE WEBB Maintenance Manager, The Ledges


"Making the decision to join Corcoran Management Company well over a year ago has been one of the best decisions in my professional career in Real Estate. I have met a lot of amazing and talented people within the company as well as residents on the properties. I have grown and learned so much within my short year of working for the company. I hope to grow in knowledge and professional relationships in the many years to come with Corcoran.”

KATIE WILLIS Leasing Consultant, Redbrook Apartments